Our Story

Keep in mind that I had been through alot and I had my share of guys that were completely wrong for me and had been hurt. I FINALLY decided to give my life back over to the one I believe has laid the path for my life, God. I had tried so long to run my life and do what I wanted and not give it to God and let him show me the way. Now after you have been saved (as I was when I was 11years old) God doesn't stop trying to get you close to him. He has ways of making you turn towards him when you stray. I had strayed and had hit the bottom. I decided to let God guide my life the way he had planned, instead of me. Our story started 3 months later. It was the first time in my life that I was completely comfortable NOT having a boyfriend. I loved being by myself and had no desire for a boyfriend anytime soon.

 We met in high school, yet we never dated or even hung out. The funny thing is that we had the same groups of friends for the most part, yet we were never at the same place at the same time. Other than in class, we had 11th grade English class together. At this point I just thought that he was a shy guy that sat next to me in class.( I would find out later that he had a crush on me at that time but was to shy to say anything) So fast forward from 11th grade, 8 years later(4years ago). I still had not joined the myspace world, and a friend of mine kept bugging me to join it. So I signed up and then didn't do anything else. I pretty much forgot about it for 2 more months, until again this friend kept bugging me to go on there and to look someone up. So as I began to find friends I went to school with I became addicted to myspace. So I went through and searched all the people that went to school with me and as I was going through sending friend request, I came across my hubby. I looked at his picture and thought "WOW he is really cute! I don't remember him looking that good in school" (I just didn't notice in school! What was I thinking, He was HOT then too!) So of course I sent him a friend request. The next day he not only accepted my friend request but also sent me a message. So we started talking on messenger. This was of course chit chat and getting to know each other. I learned he had been married and divorced a year prior to us meeting up on myspace. He was in the Army, yet got out of active duty 7months prior and was in the reserves still. We continued to chat on messenger as friends as I talked to many other people. I didn't think anything of us other than friends chatting online. So we also emailed each other, since he was sending me pictures from when he was stationed in Germany. We continued chatting and played the question game and I learned a lot about him. Including that he was looking for someone that shared his faith with him and his views on life. We had SO much in common it was scary. So a couple of days later he sent me a message asking me to go out with him that weekend. I was a little scared, since I wasn't really looking for a relationship and I'm shy. So it happened to work out that I had to work that weekend when he wanted to go out so I just didn't write him back. I ended up talking to him on messenger a couple of days later. He again a week later asked me out and this time I said yes. So it just so happened to work out that we could go out that Wed. so he came and picked me up and we went to a park. We walked around and sat and talked and eventually went and ate dinner. At the end of the night he took me back home and gave me a hug and said goodbye and left. Not one time did he attempt to touch me, and was very gentleman like! I was shocked. But it was amazing! He called me 5 minutes after he left to tell me how much of a good time he had with me. After 3 days of long talks on the phone we went out on our second date. At the end of this date we had went back to the park we went to before to sit an talk some more. We were standing and watching the waterfall as he was standing behind me he wrapped his arms around my waist and held me close. At that moment God spoke to me and told me that he was the one. At that moment I knew that one day we would be married. One month later we said I love you. Four months later we were engaged. Four months later we were married 2 months shy of our 1 year anniversary from our first date. In July of this year we will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary and in Sept. we will celebrate our 4 years since our first date.

Since we got married he has been the best Dad to my son and 8 months ago we welcomed a baby girl into our little family.

He is the most amazing man! He completes me and supports me in everything I do. He is my best friend, my lover, father to our kids, and my EVERYTHING!