About Me

Where do I start? Well I am an Army Wife and a stay at home Mommy of two. My son is 8 years old and my daughter is 7weeks old. I have had quite a time adjusting to being a stay at home mom. Before my husband went on active duty I worked 1-2 (massage therapist & supervisor at a drug store) jobs and had done that since I was 16. So I was a bit of a work a holic as my husband used to tell me. So it was a huge change for me to go from working 40+ hours a week to not working at all! That on top of pcsing to a place where I know no one and there isnt really a support group so that I could meet people in my situation, it has been interesting. Lets just say its not so fun having a husband who is AGR and not living close to a base to be involved in. Not to mention going from the "country" to the big city. Major change. But hopefully the next assignment will either be closer to family and friends or a base.

I love being a Mommy! My kids are my world and they make me smile everyday! I love to watch how much they are changing and growing as they become their own person. I just hope and pray that I raise them the best I can! I think we all question ourselves at times if we are doing the right thing when we are raising them. I believe I try my best and they are both happy so I must be doing something right ;) I have a problem when I see people who have kids and only think of themselves and what they want in life and there kids are put on the back burner.

I am a bit of an artsy person I like to think I am anyway. I love photography! That is my dream job, to have my own photography buisness! I have shot 8 weddings now and many other shoots from baby to bridal. I strive to get better and better and learn as much as I can. I love scrapbooking! I started scrapbooking 12 years ago now and I still love it. That again is something I have had to improve on over the years as I learned more and got better. My favorite products are from Creative Memories and I hope to start selling it one day soon. I like to paint, it is very calming for me to sit and paint, its as if I am in my own world. However, I'm not that great at it, but its a way of expressing myself. I used to love to draw when I was younger and still do, I'm just not as good at it as I would like to be. So maybe one day I can take a painting class. I love to create stuff and try to design rooms. I love hgtv.

I love to do things outdoors! I LOVE the beach! Nothing is better than going for a walk on the beach at sunrise or sunset! I hope to one day live at the beach. I like to hike, swim, run(recently taken this up), and to watch my son play at the playground! Anything outdoors in nice weather is on my list of things to do:)

I have recently began trying to get fit. Not just to be skinny but actually fit! There will be more on this on the getting fit page. I have a type a personality, caring, loving heart, helpful,tender hearted, giving, honest, loyal, and a little shy when I don't know anyone.

Thats about all I can think of at the moment that describes me:)