Tuesday, June 12, 2012

30 things to do with your kids this SuMmEr!

To start off with I have been searching for different things to do with my kids this summer so they are not bored and we can have lot of fun together. So I have found a few from pinterest and I will post the link to the sites and some I thought up. If they don't have a link I will give as much directions as can since I haven't completed them yet and will post pictures as soon as we check them off our list!

1) Make a Coloring Book/Art Book cover from these directions A girl and a glue gun. Feel free to change it around as you would like to fit your little artist preference. I have one that loves to color and one that loves to draw. These will be great in the car for traveling this summer and at home
*The kids can help by choosing: the fabric, what goes inside it, what design is on the cover.

2) Make a book of "ABC Scripture Cards" from I can teach my child with FREE PRINTABLE'S! Or you can create your own with the scripture starting with each letter of the alphabet. Make sure you lets the kids make them colorful!

3) Invent your own bubble wands from your Kitchen with directions at I can teach my child. She even gives you a recipe for making your own bubbles. I can't wait to try this. I think we will also break a GLOW STICK and add it to our bubble mixture and do this outside at night and have glowing bubbles!

4) INVENT YOUR OWN CAKE use directions and printable's from I can teach my child. My son loves to cook and most kids do. He will have a blast with this one and so will you! Be creative and LET YOUR CHILD CHOOSE THEIR RECIPE from the printable sheets!

5) Make Alphabet Magnets  like Nice girl notes and then let the kids have fun making new words on the fridge or dishwasher!

6) Make your own t-shirt art with Sand Paper & Crayons like Alphamom. This is so easy its crazy I have never heard of this until now!

7) Make a bird feeder with a toilet paper roll! Super easy & cheap! Get directions from The moffatt girls. Then enjoy watching the birds as they come to eat!

 8) Make your own Lava Lamp like come together kids! Easy and fun!

9) Make an Angry Bird Pizza! Have fun cooking with your child!

10) Make a Marshmallow Shooter like come together kids and have a blast! My son is going to love this one!

11) Have a movie picnic night! Lay a large blanket down in your living room, put on a movie and have your picnic right there.

12) Collect stuff from your vacation to create a Christmas ornament to add to your tree this year. If you go to the beach collect sand, seashells, and etc.

13) Go on a photo shoot! You can choose Shapes or Alphabet Photo shoot. Get the camera, notebook & pencil and drive to the nearest city. Then go around a find something and photograph it such as "Apple Street sign" for A. Then your child can write something about it if they would like. When your finished print the pictures out and let your child create a Alphabet Photo shoot book. This can be as simple as gluing them to construction paper or making a digital album and printing.

14) Geo caching~it's like a scavenger hunt. Go to Geocaching.com to get started!

15) Visit a town you have never been to and learn some history about it.

16) Participate in the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program HERE. It's easy, your child reads 8 books, writes down the title and author and who they recommend the book to. Take the journal sheet to B&N and choose a FREE book from their.

17) Write your own book and create it and have it printed out or make it yourself!

18) Go garage sale shopping! You never know what you will find!

19) Have a backwards day! Eat Dinner food for breakfast and breakfast food for dinner and switch as many things as you can around and do them backwards. Make it fun!

20)Collect rocks and paint them and add goggle eyes and yarn for hair and make rock people.

21) Let your child paint a chair for their desk chair in their room. Prime the chair and then give the Acrylic craft paint and let them become Picasso! Make sure you do this outside or in garage and even put a tarp down so nothing is ruined. Then when they are finished put a couple of coats of a sealer on it.

22) Have a date with your child~Mother/Son Date & Daddy/Daughter Date. Be creative!

23) Visit an Art Museum!
(If you or your spouse is in the Military, go to Blue star museums and find a list of museums that offer FREE admission to Military families from Memorial Day~Labor Day)

24) Go to the zoo!

25) Go on a hike in a park State Park near you!

26) Go to the library and check out books and even go when they have story time.

27) Volunteer at your Local Animal Shelter and walk the dogs or just give the animals a little love and attention!

28) Camp out in your back yard!

29) Build a Fort! Whether you choose to build one in your living room with sheets or in your woods with sticks and broken branches your kids are sure to enjoy playing in it!

30) Go to a Festival in a town near you!